Ramda Adjunct

This library is a community maintained extension of Ramda.


It seems to be very common for people to create their own utils and recipes composing the Ramda functions and creating yet more complex aggregate functions. Ramda Adjunct tries to eliminate this repetitive wheel of reinvention and centralize most aggregate utils in its codebase.


As a maintainers, we see three main benefits in Ramda Adjunct.


All Ramda recipes and aggregate utils not present in Ramda are centralized here. There is no more need for everybody to create their own utils in their own codebases.


Creating custom aggregate utils or implementing recipes from Ramda wiki creates the defectiveness problem. The problem is caused by the absence of any tests. Ramda Adjunct keeps 100% code coverage and mimics the Ramda test patterns.

Impeccable documentation

You cannot call a library great without a great documentation. Ramda Adjnuct generates its documentation directly from its codebase and uses patterns both found in Ramda and Lodash to document its API.


  • ramda >= 0.23.0
  • node >=6.9.5

It doesn't mean that Ramda Adjunct won't work on lower versions of node or ramda. This just means that our tests run on these versions.


 $ npm i ramda-adjunct

API Documentation

  • 0.0.1
  • Latest:


If you want to contribute to this project, please consult the CONTRIBUTING.MD guideline.

Obtaining project copy

 $ git clone
 $ npm i

Running tests

 $ npm run test

Running linter

 $ npm run lint


char0n (Vladimir Gorej)